"Ghost in the Flesh"



Blue Mirror

(2020; Anima Recordings)

Folian's new, debut full-length LP "Blue Mirror"  is a brooding album which explores ideas such as the duality of being and the struggle for balance and clarity during intense emotional struggle. The work stems from personal experiences with relationships, depression, fear, emotional dependence and substance use.

The music was recorded and mixed by Fylstra in their home studio in Portland, OR. Sounds include guitars, microKorg, vocal chords, virtual drums, pedals, tambourine, melodica, the waters of Oregon, Virginia, and Eluethera, the candid voices of others, xylophone, and tapes. 

"Blue Mirror" is available digitally and on vinyl LP (limited edition of 220) and Deluxe Cassette (edition of 50) via Anima Recordings on January 31st, 2020.

“From the first frigid notes of Folian's debut full length, "Blue Mirror", you find yourself alone, transported to a cold, foggy waterfront. The location is familiar to you, but different; changed. The sand isn't as soft, the water isn't nearly as inviting, and the emotions you've always associated with it have been replaced by something that leaves you with more questions than answers. Every soft-sung lyric and crooning riff begs the question, 'how did we get here and can we ever go back?', until you find yourself succumbing to its icy depths.”
- Dylan Garrett Smith (artist/printmaker)

Art by Dylan Garrett Smith

Mastered by Zach Weeks

"Listen to it on a long winter walk and feel yourself sink deeper into the impending gray of December's chill as waves of ambient sonic ennui ebb and flow.” - Revolver Magazine

"Folian thrives in the quiet moments. Spacey guitars and relaxed vocals set the mood, occasionally giving way to thunderous swells of distorted guitars and emotional screams." - Decibel Magazine

“Jesu, 40 Watt Sun and Kayo Dot fans should just hit play already. Portland's Folian knows how to make a bummer sound extremely pretty, with spacious atmospheres and fuzzy guitar tones; adventurous songwriting in search of deeper meaning.” - NPR Music

Ache Pillars

(2019; Apneic Void Sounds)


Folian’s 4-song EP “Ache Pillars” takes us on a short, yet wholly immersive sonic journey, exploring ideas of detachment, escapism, indifference, and sorrow.

The music within was recorded and mixed by Fylstra in their home studio in Portland, OR. Fylstra primarily used processed guitar, synth, and various other instruments to create and manipulate the sounds within. 

Ache Pillars” is available digitally and on limited edition, handmade/hand-dubbed cassettes 

via Apneic Void Sounds on March 22nd, 2019.

“Winds blow and waves gently crash against a structure in the center of the sea. One by one and patiently placed; each note, a beautiful brick carefully crafted from compartmentalized pain, builds the monument to open wounds that is “Ache Pillars”. Folian’s gorgeous melodies run their fingers across old scars, while softly whispering in your ears that more heartbreak is undeniably inevitable.” - Dylan Garrett Smith (fine-artist/printmaker)

Cover Art by Crystal Lee Lucas

"...dense and hypnotic mix of ambient drone sounds and a dreamy, shoegaze sensibility. It’s at once ominous and very pretty, distant yet warm. It makes perfect sense that Fylstra cites Unwound as one of his influences, as there’s a melodic approach to the song that feels like something off of that band’s final opus, Leaves Turn Inside You." - Treblezine

“Folian dabbles between dissonance and sonic beauty in equal measures.” - Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“This is drone/shoegaze that taps into your favorite underground projects of the 90s but is nothing but current and stunningly beautiful in its darkness.” - Cvlt Nation


Live Video

04/05/2019 @ Boathouse Experimental Studios