Canadensis is the drone-based ambient music duo consisting of Tom Asselin (Shifting Harbor, Dragon Turtle, Lewis & Clarke, etc.) and David Fylstra. The duo met when Tom found out that David built a recording studio in the same building out in the woods of Northeast Pennsylvania that Tom rented to record the last Dragon Turtle album. They wound up recording most of their first album, Chance, less than an hour after meeting each other. The space that brought them together was in the Poconos town of Canadensis.



KVØID is the darkened, noise-laden sludge metal project of vocalist/visual artist Dylan Garrett Smith and David Fylstra. Their debut album, NIHILITY, fluctuates between - and combines - soft, beautiful moments of melancholy, jarring noise, field recordings from nature, and dark, crushing arrangements to create an austere soundscape that speaks of a time when the flora and fauna of the world have once again reclaimed the Earth, allowing forests to “run wild and ancient” while “wolves roam vast wilderness”. KVØID celebrates our insignificance in the universe and the concept of our extinction, while promoting the imperfect perfection of anarchic chaos on a cosmic scale.



Ramprasad is the heavy instrumental musical collaboration of Aaron Edge (Lumbar, Himsa, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, Harkonen, Iamthethorn, etc.) and David Fylstra, which later evolved to feature members Peter Layman and Pierre Carbuccia (both of Flood Peak). Thier sound has been described as "a massive, angry elephant trudging through a lush forest; each chord being a step forward on their journey. Eventually, the creature escapes the trees and ancient stone temples jut from the earth."



Flood Peak began in Portland, Oregon in 2017. With a mix of chaotic and droning riffs, creatively frantic drums, sparsely raw vocals, and monstrous bass, they create a delicate wall of filth.  

With the EP Plagued by Sufferers (does not feature Fylstra) released, Flood Peak is ready to spread their hopeless form of blackened sludge through word of mouth and live performances. Flood Peak consists of Pierre Carbuccia on bass, David Fylstra on drums, and Peter Layman on guitar / vocals.



Bible Black Tyrant was an oppressive sonic endeavor that featured Tyler Smith (Eagle Twin), Aaron Edge (Lumbar) and David Fylstra.

Beginning with a crushing density, thier debut full-length Regret Beyond Death offering immediately transports the listener into the dark forests of the Pacific Northwest at dusk; conjuring images of the sun setting against indecipherable, deciduous silhouettes. The air thickens as we continue a climb along a gently worn route to an unknown, undisclosed location. As the journey – and the record – lengthens, we are granted a strong scent of smoke and hemlock, of moss. Fear swirls around us, fusing with the clamorous chants of a distant, uprising swarm, a loaded weight of atmospheric composition. Onward, and as the album nears its climactic conclusion, Bible Black Tyrant’s simultaneously oppressive and liberating mass projects a clear message written in the smoldering ashes: "Walk this path with us".



Fresian was a self-described alt-sludge rock band from Northeast Pennsylvania consisting of members Richard Blackmore, Dave Cutrone, and David Fylstra. The band merged elements of metal, sludge, and pop to create an ultimately unique result which was received well among the scene during the band's short-lived existence. The three had played music with each other in various projects for over a decade, including Kuato (having released the Zeroth EP), from which this band stemmed. The band released a self-titled digital album in early 2014.